2014 Review

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Please see below a report detailing a review of the system’s performance during 2014 and that of every trainer. There is also information about changes I have made to the rules for 3 trainers that will improve their performance.

2014 Review One Track Trainers

As always comments etc are welcome and I respond on my return to the UK on Sunday. Bar this evening, selections will be posted as normal. Selections for tomorrow will be posted no later than 7am Wednesday morning.

Happy New Year and here is to a more prosperous 2015,


4 thoughts on “2014 Review

  1. Hi Josh,
    Although not a great start I believe that the system will produce results. I paper traded for the first month as I wanted to decide on my staking. I know it’s still early days and fingers crossed the results will soon change for the better.

  2. Hi Bob that is very odd all the links on the website,the one in this blog and today’s selections page work for me. Maybe it is adobe. Try them again and the one in the email/they should open online, however if that all fails let me know on here and I will just email you the word doc.

  3. Hopeful that this section of the year will repeat last years performance with us then, along with the changes and removal of losing stat/bets, less losers will help, less is more, and more winners hopefully. ATBHNY.

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