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Good Evening,

Juts a quick note to say that I am going away for the weekend tomorrow morning for friends Birthday. As such there will be no Trends post this weekend, apologies.

Obviously there will be no break in service as I will have full internet access over the weekend and selections will be posted as usual. Having said that selections for Monday’s racing may not be posted until about 2am Monday morning. The weekly results update will also be posted on Monday, as will the Weekly Wrap.

Like you I am frustrated with the current run of cross bar rattling and poor performances but that is racing. I am confident that the winners will soon come but am conscious that current results are getting close to the worse loss of points the system has suffered in nearly 5 months of live betting (19 points was the worst hit during that period, we are currently at -16 points if betting to win only).

If you are using a 100 point bank it should not be anywhere near panic stations just yet but of course I want the system to get into profit as soon as possible. Betting each way is a loss so far of around 10 points. As you know I now bet £20 a point and £10EW when 5/1 or above and although it is no consolation for you I have lost nearly £220 over the last 2 weeks and I would like to back some winners quite soon!

As I have said this approach is for the long run and it will have losing runs, but for anyone joining a new service it is not the start you would like. All I urge is patience and to paper trade if needs be for your risk free trial period.

Enjoy your weekend,


p.s if you havent done so already you can check out my new ‘pace wins the race’ daily blog here.. http://racingtoprofit.co.uk/blog/pace-wins-race-selections-211114/  it started off with a 6/1 winner today. Some of you may find it interesting.

7 thoughts on “A Quick Message..

  1. Hi Josh

    Losing runs can happen at any time, sod’s law that you get one just as you launch your new service.

    Results matter, however after just a few selections they are really just a statistical blip and should be ignored by the serious long term player( That after all is what we all aspire to be!)

    So my advice would be to enjoy your weekend away and come back refreshed and ready to step back into the fray :-)

    Best regards

  2. Hi Mark,
    thanks for message, yes it is sods law – the run of seconds rather frustrating but that is how it goes sometimes. successful betting is about the long term and i am confident that out patience will be rewarded!
    all the best

  3. Hi Josh
    Didn’t Lizzie Kelly give Aubusson a peach of a ride it was brilliant to watch and more importantly nice for you to see a good price winner (12/1) romp home. Hopefully now a few more like that to put us back in credit. I’m sure given time there will be a few more like that and I for one am hanging around to see them.
    Have a good weekend++

  4. Allan, Dave,
    cheers..and yes, that was some relief!!..unable to watch the racing at the moment but will watch a replay on Monday, I see from in-running comments that he won from the front which is always nice..and you need a good ride to do that. Hopefully that is the start of a turnaround and a sign of things to come.
    Thanks for keeping the faith!


  5. “Oh! For a horse with wings!” Shakespeare.

    Found one! Now we are getting there…never in doubt mind… ;- ) cheers!

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