Weekly Wrap 24.11.14

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Well the first of what I know will be many decent priced winners came as a big relief to me personally and I hope to you as well. Lizzie Kelly gave Aubusson a superb ride and it was nice to have a decent winning day.

However it was also a frustrating week with a couple of close seconds which would have made it a profitable week. Cape Cay just got caught in the shadow of the post and came out second best following a photo and Lily Waugh received what I will politely call an indifferent ride. Now I don’t like to criticise jockeys as these men and women literally put their lives on the line for our entertainment. I don’t get angry at a poor ride as everything evens itself out over time but when you have launched a service and know people are betting with their hard earned money it is bloody frustrating! Denis O’Regan is renowned for waiting a bit too long sometimes and he finished like a train with plenty of horse left under him. Unfortunately the winning post had already arrived for the horse in front.

Anyway I don’t plan to dwell on individual performances and although the number of placed horses is annoying at least it’s pleasing that a number are running well.  In terms of the weekly performance there were a total of 16 selections with 2 winners, 5 seconds and 1 third. A 50% win and place strike rate is pleasing and is more in line with historical results. A couple of winners would have made all the difference but hopefully the tide is starting to turn.

It was of course still a losing week and nothing to shout about. Betting 1 point win bets would have lost you 0.75 points and betting each way was a loss of -2.8 points. This brings total losses to 9.2 points betting win only and minus 8.45 points betting each way. Of course it will only take a couple more decent priced winners to put us into profit and then we will be able to kick on. Hopefully that happens this week.

As ever, any questions or comments, positive or negative are always welcome and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Josh

p.s Following a winner today from one bet my new free ‘Pace Wins The Race’ feature is now 7 points in profit after three betting days. You can check it out here  www.racingtoprofit.co.uk

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  1. Hi Norman, you already have access to it as an OTT member..as well as the selections. It is the Dandy Nicholls System. I will have a look at my email system as you only get sent it if you are a new subscriber to my list. If you enter an existing email again you wont get sent anything. Apologies for any confusion.

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