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I am conscious that those of you on my normal email list will be aware that I am launching a new service today Flat Profiles 2015.

I am also acutely aware that as an OTT subscriber we are all in loss at the moment, in what has been a disappointing few months to date. I still have every faith in this approach and still back every qualifier £20 on the nose . While we are only a few decent winners away from profit (I am aware I have been saying that for a while!) it has of course been a disappointing few months. However, I will not be judging its performance until the end of the subscription period in November. I remain confident that it will be a profitable service.

However, having said that the jury is quite rightly out, both on this service and on me.

If you haven’t seen the information about Flat Profiles 2015 you can read all about it, and watch a video HERE 

As a recognition that OTT has performed poorly so far I am offering OTT subscribers a discount.

If you click the link above you will see that the full service, including the 147 Horse Profiles and access to the daily email service is priced up at £97.

For those of you who would like to join, and there is a 30 day money back guarantee, you can in effect have access to the email service for free. (Worth £40).

As such the cost to get the profiles and join the email service will cost you £57.

If you would like to try this (please watch the video etc first) then you can join at this discounted rate HERE 

I hope you do not take this message the wrong way and hope it is at least some recognition of performance so far.

As I have said I am still confident we will make decent profits and on average the trainers are only -2 points down each for 2015 so far, and they did have a profitable 2014 in line with expectations.

Anyway, thanks for your time. If you would like to try the new profiling service, which is a very different way to betting on horses that OTT, then head to this discount link HERE

All the best


8 thoughts on “Flat Profiles 2015 Discount

  1. Hi Josh,
    Thank’s for clearing that up for me.
    Lets look forward to some profits on the flat.

  2. Hi John, I sent you an email not long after this comment on Saturday but have had no reply. I hope you received it ok and that the emails were in your junk somewhere. If not, please reply to my email, or email me at info@racingtoprofit.co.uk and I will make sure we get it all set up properly.

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