That’s much more like it (but still some way to go)

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Slowly turning the corner…

After what has been an awful start for OneTrackTrainers I hope the start to 2015 has restored some confidence, although there is still a long way to go.

I haven’t blogged on here for a while, mainly because there hasn’t been anything new to say. I am sure you would all get easily bored of my usual mantra of keeping confidence and that the place strike rate demonstrated that things would turn around at some point. In truth I thought I would just wait for the green shoots of recovery, to use that awful phrase, to emerge.

The results for 2015 have been much more like it and are hopefully a sign of things to come. So far there have been 32 selections, (as of the morning 06/02/15) 8 winners and a further 8 horses placing second or third. This 25% win strike rate and 50% win and place strike rate is much more near the levels that history suggests we should be expecting. 2015 has so far been worth +13 points using BOG bookies. There have been a few notable second place finishers as well. Scrafton just stopped when about to win, very strange finish indeed. Lilly Waugh should have won in my opinion at 5/1 and Salmon Sushi lost in an agonising photo by a nose, at 15/2. I don’t moan about such things as everything evens itself out but with a bit more luck moving forward we should be in a much stronger position.

While we are still showing a loss of 16 points it is much better than the low of -35 points that faced us at one stage.  However if 2015 continues as it has started, and hopefully gets even better, then we can look forward to a profitable year. We of course haven’t had any or many selections from some of our most profitable trainers, many of whom focus on the Flat.

Anyway, this is just really to say thanks for seeing the big picture and hopefully your faith continues to be rewarded. I have no doubt, as ever, that this service will make decent profits and I expect it to be an enjoyable 2015. Of course the sooner we get into actual profit the better.


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