Weekly Wrap: 22/12/14

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Update: For some amateurish reason I appear to have mixed up results sheets and admitted two losers which was an honest oversight. Results will be updated now, as will the blog below…apologies for any confusion…

Thankfully, and long overdue, we had more of a  ‘typical’ week and more importantly a profitable one, if only slightly. It is still proving to be a bit of a struggle but hopefully we can build on this week moving forward.

While we are still 25 points down before today’s two runners we made a small 1.5 profit on the week and hopefully this is the start of a profitable run.

There were 13 selections in total with 3 winners priced 11/2, Evens and 5/1. This 23% win strike rate is more like what we should be hitting long term and is climbing towards the 27% we are after. In all 7 horses were in the top 3 with the majority running quite well.

There isnt much more to say really other than thanks to those who have stuck with it so far. I know the start has tested all of our patience and that while not a superb week it has been better than the past few.

As discussed last week I am currently working on some profile horses to send you. I am just going through my HRB account to prick out the best ones that I am tracking. These will be posted in the Bonus area tomorrow.

Have a great Christmas and New Year,



6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap: 22/12/14

  1. Josh,

    Glad to see a profitable week. I seem to have Hidden Beauty on 17th and Anda De Grissay on 18th down on my results spreadsheet, both as losers. These don’t seem to appear on your results!


  2. Hi Dan, apologies, yes you are correct. I appear to have got confused between my spreadsheets, apologies. Making updates now, that was not a deliberate error, rather an embarrassing oversight, I do remember backing them!! Will update the post as well.

  3. Cheers Josh. I’ve learnt so much over these weeks. If we’ve had a winning start I might have learnt nothing. It don’t come easy, but that’s life, here’s to the long term, that’s why we are here yeah? MCHNY :-)

  4. Hi, do you mean the Free Guide that you can get if adding email over on my other blog site? If your email is already registered on my list you wont get sent it..however, you already have access to it in the Bonus area, as a member of OTT. It is the David Dandy Nicholls guide, and the selections are posted in this members’ area. Apologies for any confusion. Josh

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